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Matthew: The Gospel of the King


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14 Lessons

1-2 Hours Per Lesson


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Course Description

Emphasizes Jesus as the promised Messiah and King of Israel; probes the meaning of Israel's rejection of Christ and God's program following that rejection.

*This is a text-based e-course and does not contain video content.


Course Lessons

  1. Introduction to the Gospel of Matthew
  2. Birth of the Anticipated King
  3. A King's Introductions
  4. Declaruing the Principles of the Kingdom
  5. Credentials of the King, Part 1
  6. Rejection of the King and His Kingdom
  7. Mysteries of the Kingdom
  8. Credentials of the King, Part 2
  9. The King on Building His Church
  10. The King's Triumphant Entry
  11. The King's Teachings and Rebukes
  12. Foretelling His Coming
  13. Dark Days for a King
  14. Passion and Glory