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Martin Luther Reformer and Religious Revolutionary course

Martin Luther: Reformer and Religious Revolutionary


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3 Lessons

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Course Description

Join Moody Enrich theologian as we take a journey through the life, theology, and impact of the West's first Reformer, Martin Luther. You will learn how his legacy not only changed the course of church history in the early 16th century but continues today throughout Protestant churches all over the world.


Course Lessons

  1. The Reformer and Religious Revolutionary
  2. Justification Alone in Christ Alone
  3. Reformation: Past, Present, and Future


Meet Your Instructor

Having received his Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies from the Moody Bible Institute, and his Master of Arts in Systematic Theology from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, he's currently an adjunct instructor of theology at the undergraduate level and has served in the local church in numerous ways. His research interests include: reformation theology, the attributes of God, and theological anthropology. His passion is to see all of the people of God equipped for the ministry that God has called them to.