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James: Exhortation to a Living Faith


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12 Lessons

1-2 Hours Per Lesson


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Course Description

Presents important lessons on resisting evil, enduring temptation, and avoiding evil speech and gossip. A practical course on how our actions reflect our faith.

*This is a text-based e-course and does not contain video content.


Course Lessons

  1. James:  Preface and Introduction
  2. Understanding James:  Using the Tools of Analysis and Synthesis
  3. A Consistent Faith Profits from Testing
  4. A Consistent Faith Withstands Temptations
  5. A Consistent Faith Obeys the Word
  6. A Consistent Faith Shows No Favoritism
  7. A Consistent Faith is Manifested in Works
  8. A Consistent Faith Controls the Tongue
  9. A Consistent Faith Maintains a Proper Worldview (Part 1)
  10. A Consistent Faith Maintains a Proper Worldview (Part 2)
  11. A Consistent Faith Exercises Patience in View of the Lord's Return
  12. Case Studies for Thoughtful Application