God, Creation, Sin, and Civilization


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Course Description

Welcome to an epic learning journey through the themes occupying the first 11 chapters of Scripture. Understanding the ancient Near Eastern contexts in which the opening chapters of Genesis unfold provides great insight into how to better interpret the key themes surrounding God's story of Himself, the created order, the imago Dei, the entrance of sin, the cataclysmic flood, and building of early civilizations. 


Course Lessons

  1. Creation and its Ancient Context
  2. Created in God's Image
  3. Sin, Suffering, and a World Turned Upside Down
  4. Genesis Among Ancient Near East Flood Narratives
  5. The God Who Makes and Keeps Covenants
  6. In the Images of Humans, They Created Gods

Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Russell Meek teaches Old Testament and Hebrew for Moody Theological Seminary and William Tennent School of Theology. He writes a regular column on understanding and applying the Old Testament at Fathom Magazine, and his most recent books include Ecclesiastes and the Search for Meaning in an Upside-Down World and the co-authored Book-by-Book Guide to Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary. Russ lives with his wife and their three sons in north Idaho, where you’ll find them gardening, cooking, and exploring the wild.