Galatians: Christian Living by the True Gospel


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Course Description

Focuses on the believer's freedom in Christ. The student will learn the purpose of the Law and the elements of a life truly pleasing to God.

*This is a text-based e-course and does not contain video content.


Course Lessons

  1. Introduction to Galatians
  2. Ascertaining the Theme of Galatians
  3. Apostle Authority: How Paul Received the Gospel
  4. Apostle Authority: How Paul's Message was Confirmed
  5. Apostle Authority: How Paul Upheld the Truth
  6. Doctrinal Exposition: Why Abraham is Important
  7. Doctrinal Exposition: Why the Law was Given
  8. Doctrinal Exposition: Adult Sons of God
  9. Doctrinal Exposition: On Being Children of the Freewoman
  10. Practical Application: Liberty and Love
  11. Practical Application: Having Victory Over Sin
  12. Practical Applicatoin: Doing Good To All