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Biblical Study Methods and Hermeneutics


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6 Lessons

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Course Description

Delve into the heart of scripture as you explore the principles and techniques of biblical exegesis and hermeneutics. In Biblical Study Methods and Hermeneutics, you will gain a solid foundation in deciphering the layers of meaning within the biblical text, unraveling its rich historical, cultural, and theological contexts. Discover time-tested methods of observation, interpretation, and application, for studying different genres of biblical literature, from narratives to poetry and prophecy. Whether a novice seeking a deeper connection to the Word or a scholar refining skills, this course will empower you to unlock the ancient, yet timeless wisdom found in a book authored by no less than God Himself.  

***This course is a part of the seven-course Preaching series. If you would like to enroll in the Preaching Certificate Series to take all seven courses, please be sure to visit that program page to register. 



1. Introduction to the Inductive Method

2. Observation: Ascertaining What the Text Says and Shows

3. Interpretation, Part 1: A Theological Framework

4. Interpretation, Part 2: Understanding the Text and Language

5. Application: Having a Biblical Focus and as God Intended

6. Study Tools and Resources


Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Bill Patterson has extensive experience in the local church and on district and international levels. He seeks to coach/mentor individuals, help organizations improve their missional effectiveness and mobilize people for ministry.
Specialties: Interim Ministry, Church Health, Preaching, Conflict, Leadership Development, Discipleship, Strategy & Vision, Coaching/Mentoring Leaders, Teaching, Intercultural Training, Helping churches with Ministry Transitions. Also, has served the community through a Chaplain ministry with Police and Fire.