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1 and 2 Peter


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12 Lessons

1-2 Hours Per Lesson


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Course Description

Discusses Peter's letters to persecuted Christians. Contains practical guidelines for dealing with family, business, or social relationships.

*This is a text-based e-course and does not contain video content.


Course Lessons

  1. Peter the Man
  2. Peter the Author
  3. Canticle of Praise
  4. Conduct Before God
  5. Conduct Before Others: Government, Business, Family
  6. Conduct Before Others: Society and Culture
  7. Conduct Before Others: Personal Example
  8. Conduct in the Others: Church Life
  9. Characteristics of the Christian Life: Provision and Progress
  10. Characteristics of the Christian Life: Proclamation
  11. Caution in the Christian Life
  12. Confidence in the Christian Life